We’ve answered your call for help.

CRNexus is an innovative software platform built by our crisis call center for your crisis call center.

We created CRNexus to integrate almost any telephony system with a customizable Electronic Health Record (EHR) system so you can more easily process your data and showcase the services you’re offering to your community.

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Custom built for your Crisis Call Center needs.

CRNexus pairs your dynamic phone system with a customizable EHR platform to create a seamless flow of data, improve the integrity of the data you capture, and make your call center more productive so you can help more people.

No more missing records and billing issues. No more lost data and time.

CRNexus is a product of our personal experience.

  • We’ve seen a lot in 14 years of running a crisis call center...

    We know that serving people in crisis requires more than well-trained and dedicated phone specialists. It requires technology that allows you to spend more time helping callers and less time managing data.



  • We know the unique needs of crisis call centers...

    When we started looking for software to help, we realized there was nothing already in the marketplace that fit. We needed a platform that could integrate our telephony system with our Electronic Health Records (EHR) system so our staff didn’t have to copy data from one to the other.

  • So we created our own solution...

    We quickly realized we were in the best position to solve our own problem, so we set out to develop it. Starting from scratch allowed us to design the system around the natural flow of our crisis center calls so we can address a caller’s crisis first and take care of billing and insurance details when it’s appropriate.

  • Now we want to help others…

    We built CRNexus so we could share it with other crisis call centers. Its billing capabilities help you get reimbursed faster and its automated data transfers remove the errors and duplicate work that come with manual data processing, while the dashboards and reports tell the story of the services you provide. You’ll never lose funding again because you forgot to document a call.