CRN Nexus

How It Helps

Countless calls. One solution.

CRNexus pairs your dynamic phone system with a customizable EHR platform to create a seamless flow of data, improve the integrity of the data you capture, and make your call center more productive so you can help more people. No more missing records and billing issues. No more lost data and time.

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How It Helps

A bridge between two systems.

The existing software solutions we’ve found are either EHR systems built primarily for doctors’ offices and hospitals or phone management systems built primarily for businesses. CRNexus is the only solution that bridges your telephony system with a customizable EHR system. No more copying data from one to the other, and no more lost records or wrong information.

Flexible forms built for crisis work.

In our crisis call center work, we don’t have the luxury of entering detailed EHR data in a formal sequence at our own pace. CRNexus forms are built specifically to support crisis conversations so you can quickly and easily move from capturing urgent notes and doing risk assessments to asking for insurance information, all in the natural flow of the phone call.

Automated data that relies less on manual entry.

In the old days, our staff had to manually enter every piece of data from every phone call into our EHR system. Our error rate was sometimes as high as 50%, resulting in a lot of re-work and missing data. CRNexus automatically saves and shares data for each phone call between your EHR and phone systems, reducing your reliance on manual data entry.

Billing and reporting capabilities that tell a meaningful story.

As a nonprofit crisis call center, you may not have a Business Intelligence or Reporting team to generate reports, dashboards, and billing data. By building a bridge between your phone and health records data, CRNexus provides more reliable and accurate data to make sure you’re capturing all the services you should be billing for and can report more robust data to current and potential funders about the services you provide. You’ll never again miss out on funding because somebody forgot to document a call.