How it Works

A product of our personal experience.

We do crisis call center work.

We know how difficult it can be to talk on the phone with somebody in crisis while managing clunky electronic health records (EHRs).

That’s why we built CRNexus. It provides your call center staff with accurate, real-time data so they can better care for those in need.

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How it Works

Phone system compatibility.

CRNexus can work with any phone system that has API capabilities, or access to raw data and live integration. We provide documentation that can help your technical team send the data to CRNexus in the right format.

Customized dashboards and forms.

The dashboards and forms in CRNexus can be customized to specific staff and employee types and roles so they see only what they need to see to do their job. Each service and process can also have its own tasks and to-do lists.

Long-term client records provide more accurate care.

CRNexus allows your call center staff to save and view past notes and details about each caller so they can more easily build on existing care plans. Instead of filling out the same form each time, they can review and verify existing information, and can even be served pop-up alerts about important care plan details.

Data integration for eligibility and enrollment.

CRNexus can integrate with external data sources for client eligibility and enrollment information. This might include integration with a Health Information Exchange, or with a state-approved eligibility clearinghouse for receiving up-to-date client eligibility data. After pushing this information back into the client record, you’ll get more accurate health plan eligibility data for your billing needs and no longer have to ask about eligibility and enrollment on every call.

Accurate service documentation.

Your staff will never forget to document a call again. CRNexus integrates with your phone system to automatically capture the data about each and every call. It will recognize the phone line the call comes in on, the start and end times, the type of service, and can even guide staff through the data points that need to be collected based on the type of call.

Automated behind-the-scenes work.

CRNexus performs as much automated work as possible so your staff can focus on the needs of your clients. For example, if a caller needs a mobile team to be dispatched to help them find a safe place, a simple box can be checked during the call to have the record appear on the Dispatch team’s dashboard and a task will be automatically generated for them.