988 LGBTQI+ Youth Line is a lifeline for those in crisis who need support tailored to them

November 16, 2023

KJZZ: Suicide is the second-leading cause of the death for many young people. But, LGBTQ kids are four times more likely to consider suicide, make a plan for it or attempt it, according to the Trevor Project.

But a new important resource for those young people was added a few months ago. When they call the 988 suicide prevention hotline, they can Press 3 and be connected to resources that are tailored to them.

The 988 LGBTQI+ Youth Line started as a pilot program last year and officially launched this summer. And it’s not just calling, you can text or chat for support as well. The program wants to meet people where they are.

Cassie Villegas directs the contact center operations and clinical services for Solari Crisis & Human Services, which is one of the contractors for the 988 hotline and based in Phoenix.

Villegas spoke with The Show about what they’ve been seeing since they launched in July.

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