Crisis Technology Solutions

Efficient operations and accurate data management are at the core of any successful crisis service.

We’ll show you how to manage your calls for help.


Whether you’re running a 988 call center or need a better system to manage electronic health records, we’ll help you streamline your operations.

Become a Partner

Help More People in Less Time

We’ve built our own crisis call center technology solutions from the ground up and worked to integrate countless others. Let’s find the right combination that helps you serve more people in need as efficiently as possible.

Innovative Software Solutions

We know the complexities of managing data across a variety of systems. We’ll help you build the infrastructure to provide seamless services.

Data Integrity

We’ll help you improve the quality of the data you capture so you can maximize your impact.

Custom-Built for Your Operations

To deliver the best service, you need technology that fits the natural flow of your operations. We’ll help you leverage the latest tools to streamline your workflows.

Reliable Reporting

Remove the errors that come with manual data management and get the reports you need for vital reimbursements and future funding.

100+ years of experience

Solari's leadership team has more than a century of combined experience designing and managing award-winning crisis and human services programs. Our vision is to be the trusted leader in improving lives and communities through human connection and innovation.

Trusted community partners

Since 2007, we’ve been inspiring hope for thousands of individuals and families and we’re passionate about sharing what we know to help increase access to local care in communities around the country.

How Can We Help?

We use data and innovation to drive real outcomes in crisis, health, and human services. Contact us to learn how we can partner to best serve your community.

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