Who We Are

We’re a nonprofit organization with a successful track record of building award-winning crisis services and programs that help those in need.

Our Mission

We keep our mission of “Inspiring Hope” short and simple because we believe in making a difference in every way we can. Whether it’s by running our own programs, partnering with others on their programs, or providing consulting and technology solutions, we make services accessible to those who need them most.

That’s how we empower people to transform from hope to health.


We meet people with compassion.

  • Listen and acknowledge without judgment.
  • Treat people with dignity and respect.

We give every interaction our best effort.

  • Embrace a philosophy of “I can help you.”
  • Provide value at every opportunity.

We take ownership.

  • Do what it takes to find a solution.
  • Ensure responsive and accurate work.
  • Do what is expected and follow through.

Our History

We have decades of experience building and running data-driven human services programs and contact centers that increase access to local care.

  • 2007
October: The organization was founded as Crisis Response Network to provide 24/7 crisis line and dispatch services in Central Arizona
  • 2013
December: Awarded and launched Eligibility and Care Services program for Serious Mental Illness Determinations in Maricopa County
  • 2014
October: Acquired the Peer Support Warm Line and expanded the company’s continuum of telephonic support services
  • 2014
October: Awarded and launched 24/7 crisis line and dispatch services in Northern Arizona
  • 2014
December: Expanded Eligibility and Care Services program for Serious Mental Illness Determinations statewide in Arizona
  • 2015
December: Expanded Peer Support Warm Line to 24/7
  • 2017
April: Acquired 211 Arizona Information and Referral Services program and Homeless Management Information Systems
  • 2019
October: Launched first 911 diversion program to ensure mental health-related calls to 911 were diverted to mental health professionals
  • 2020
March: Expanded 211 live-answer services to 24/7 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2020
July: Launched mobile team GPS to increase continuity of care and enhance team safety
  • 2020
September: Launched crisis text services in Central Arizona
  • 2021
April: Organization rebranded as Solari, Inc.
  • 2022
July: Awarded and launched 988 services statewide in Oklahoma
  • 2022
July: Became the primary 988 vendor for statewide services in Arizona
  • 2022
September: Launched as a National 988 Backup Center
  • 2022
October: Expanded crisis line and dispatch services statewide in Arizona
  • 2022
November: Expanded crisis text services to 24/7 and statewide in Arizona
  • 2023
January: Launched 24/7 crisis chat services statewide in Arizona
  • 2023
July: Began taking calls for national LGBTQIA+ Youth Line via 988
  • 2023
October: Expanded Eligibility and Care Services program to provide Serious Emotional Disturbance Determinations in Arizona
  • 2023
October: Contract renewed with the state of Arizona to continue providing Serious Mental Illness Determinations for the state.

Our Partners

Solari is proud to partner with organizations that support our mission of Inspiring Hope.