988 lifeline team recognized for helping those in need

January 25, 2024

KFOR: The holidays can be a difficult of the year, but the team at the 988 mental health lifeline is always there to help.

The 988 lifeline is available for Oklahomans who may be struggling mentally and emotionally. By texting or calling 988, you will be connected with a team member ready and willing to help.

“988 in Oklahoma is a little bit different than the rest of the nation in how we market and communicate what it is,” said Deputy Commissioner Heath Hayes with the Oklahoma Department of Mental and Substance Abuse Services. “So we call it the 988 mental health lifeline because we want people to reach out before it’s a crisis.”

Hayes noted that the lifeline receives around 150 calls per day. The lifeline also started a text message program in July, making the lifeline more accessible, especially to younger generations.

“One of the demographics that we know are experiencing a lot of emotional distress right now, more than they’ve ever experienced, is the younger generation,” Hayes added.

Every call or text through the lifeline remains confidential. Oklahoma’s utilization of this free service is being recognized across the country for the positive impact it makes on residents.

The team at Oklahoma’s 988 mental health lifeline is being honored by Quail Creek Bank and News 4 for providing assistance to those in need. The team was awarded for their work and received a $500 donation towards mental health services in the state.

“988 is so crucial and I’m thrilled that we’re recognizing this group,” said Erin Batey with Quail Creek Bank. “It’s an important service and our state is really stepping up and taking those calls and helping those individuals who need it.”

The staff at the 988 mental health lifeline is available 24/7 and is ready to serve Oklahomans experiencing difficult times.

To learn more, visit 988oklahoma.com.

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